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Chanel was born in 1883, the French countryside, a polo ralph lauren outlet weak. twelve a long time old his mother's death was sent to an orphanage. 1908 to be a noble lover. Inside of a 1913 AUTHURBOY CAPEL's help, in Paris to make the CHANEL MODE millinery shop. Lay the chanel dress in earth steady basis. Inside the 1930 s, her manner business venture to succeed in the top. 38 years chanel until such time as announce his retirement. Within the 1950 s, the 71-year-old return chanel, she actual model type conquered the American market, to beat the earth. Supporter saizhe Gianni Versace supporter saizhe pattern fashion is very bright, it is the elegance within the exceptional robust creative pioneer, emphasize the pleasure and alluring, collarband to more often than not open up to beneath the waistline, he took the classical noble antagonism style of luxury, and exquisite, and will give total thought to use comfy, the suitable screen for the human body.

Lover saizhe by noble luxurious cloth are quality at, with inclined minimize way, with the very hard and delicate geometry line of changeover amongst human body curve clever, admirer saizhe's fit, skirts, coats, and so are marked with line, hot to specific the feminine entire body. Lover saizhe model foremost program item could be the royal noble and star. Supporter saizhe daily life in the polo ralph luaren pursuit with the historical Greek myth of one's gorgon medusa banshee definitely good-looking that power. His function is usually include highly good. Supporter saizhe was born in Italy in 1946 when using the britney. 1978 roll out enthusiast saizhe's girls, in 1989 the Italian design into Paris versace, with the French indicates his daring and unrestrained model model. July twenty five, 1997 supporter saizhe assassinated. Chris statins? Crewe Christian Lacroix, earthen noble lavish, amazing, is easily the most typical crewe watts of style, pull crewe tile huge fashion is pure guide and refined, the listing is regular, beautiful decorous delicate. He can with the intention to anyone a dress and style and design, customized fabrics, again producing trend, not simply interesting, also highlights the woman's temperament and style, and every can be a new fit of cloth, clipping, embroidery is hard, it's not necessarily likely to artificial clothes.

Crewe watts, a high fashion any much more complex, and luxuriant also can allow the person believe lighter and don more comfortable. ChristianLacroix Chris statins? Crewe watts, in 1951 was born in France in Paris in 1987 founded a senior females company, ready-to-wear fashion company, absalom. Christine? Crewe watts, Paris serves as a well known designer while in the globe of innovative feminine. Crewe watts, other than ready-to-wear and Bazerde Christian Lacroix and the Jeans DE CharistianLacroix two 2nd line trend sequence, the manufacturing of leisure, well known trend. Crewe watts, in leather-based, silk scarves, tie, jewelry, the sunlight eye, and many others. DONNA Karen DONNA KARANWA DONNA Karen, Calvin? Klein, Ralph lauren and explained the a Ralph Lauren Hemden few huge designer.

She was named once me women's clothing brand name. And her 2nd line brand DKNY, is often named the twenty th century for the conclusion of this age the most popular model by youth. Her design and style emanates from naturel, her model can say with seriously fashionable affinity. Donna Karen was born in 1948 in The big apple. 18 several years previous into New york parsons clothing model institute of style design certified. 1974 a long time Donna Karen inherited Ann klein lady's Patty in his outfits service, formerly Donna Karen Ann klein lady's assistant facts. 1985 many years Donna Karen and her husband with Christina launched the DONNANEW YORK (DKNY) brand in 1988, set up the DKNY cowboy outfit brand name in 1991, proven the MEN's clothing model DKNY Adult males, the children's garments DKYYKIDS, presented in 1992 perfume, cosmetics, until eventually not too long ago, Donna Karen style distribute throughout the world. Christian Louboutin OutletManolo BlahnikYves Saint Laurent